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Ornos Blue

Simple and unadorned, the guesthouse’s architecture takes full advantage of the island’s history by incorporating a variety of decorative elements that make references to several eras.

The colour white dominates all spaces, a choice that further highlights the bright Cycladic light and creates a sense of serenity, while the brown stone details on the ground floor blend harmoniously with the entire structure and capture the discreet nature of Cycladic architecture.

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Ornos Blue
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Excellent location
Comfortable rooms
Free Wi-Fi
Services - Ornos Blue


Luxury services with discretion and attention to detail.
Your stay at Ornos Blue in Mykonos will highlight the finest aspects of island hospitality, with tailor-made, individualised services that surpass your expectations.

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Location - Ornos Blue


Located just 200 metres from Ornos beach in Mykonos, the gorgeous Ornos Blue Guesthouse features all the elements of traditional Cycladic architecture and preserves all the essentials that make it an ideal choice for your holidays. All guest houses boast amazing views of the stunning Ornos beach in the foreground and the striking landscape is complemented by the island’s trademark white houses.

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Accommodation in Mykonos

Comfortable & modern rooms